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Every friday a new word, a new challenge: It keeps me illustrating.

9 juni 2016

19 mei 2016


Nostalgia wants to wander in the past...
Two children from long ago, old and gone.
My dad and his twin sister. 
If I look long enough I can touch them with my eyes,
but when I look too long they disappear in time again.


Can I borrow a kiss from you?
I promise to give it back


10 mei 2016

29 april 2016


In Holland, on King's day,
this is the game we play:

Foxy Prince
meets bunny Queen.

We laugh, we dream.
We do that ever since.

We still play every day!
Hurray hurray hurray 



20 april 2016

IF wood

  Knock! Knock! Can we come in?

7 april 2016

IF sparkle

Sometimes  the only thing you want is a glass of sparkling water