27 mei 2015

IF melt

Their world is melting

3 opmerkingen:

  1. This is a brilliant work, Hedie! Touching and even dramatic! So thoughtful... So inventive, what concerns the materials you've used...I absolutely like it!!

  2. One of the interesting things about art is when art gives to the viewer the ability to create their own interpretation. Speaking of art. Art is creativity. and it is good that the artistic work is a trigger for creativity of the observer. This happens to me seeing this work. I can imagine fishes. I can imagine strange creatures, I think they are being swallowed up in a whirlpool in the river. I can think that there are beautiful bubbles, or, I can think they are bubbles in boiling water, and the creatures are dying, or are swallowed up by the mud at the bottom of the water ...
    A world in my mind from seeing your picture! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nice Week end!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. Heel origineel! Die keukenrol is echt een geweldige vondst!