13 februari 2016

IF hat

The magician was lost in the storm. He wrestled in the wind, he walked in circles. Suddenly he felt the cold in his head. No hat! No bunny! Then he remembered the streets and found the exit out of the tempest. His hat was ruined, he threw it away. But Bunny he kept inside his coat, on his heart.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Ahhhh ...

    Vond een poosje terug een prentenboek over een konijn
    uit een goochelhoed, die z'n baasje kwijtraakte .... en
    later weer terugvond (natuurlijk ;-) )

  2. Oh. I am sorry. but this is really sad.
    Your words are sad.
    A bunny in a storm, I think that this is the image of the weakest and most defenseless thing a person can imagine.
    Your drawing: a beauty of simplicity.
    but with strong strokes. that's something I really like. Opposites. the weakness of a bunny in the storm, and on the other side, the force of a black pencil strokes. I hope that the magician returns and the storm passes. Have a nice Sunday!!!!

  3. Love how you drew the storm! But I think the bunny knows that the storm will end and the magician will be back.

  4. Your drawing is so touching, Hedie! A white rabbit in the black storm!... He'll be safe and sound - the hat is so big, it will protect him. Fondness will protect him. The magician is probably somewhere under a roof and once the storm is over, he'll go back to his buddy, I'm sure!:))

  5. Well! a beautiful happy ending, and very sweet!
    I would like to see more stories with this two characters.
    I think you can write and illustrate a series. I imagine a Tsunami of Stories. Ja Ja!!! Perhaps the rabbit can also talk. :)