27 oktober 2016

IF kiss

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, Hedie, this is so beautiful and touching! I can just sit silent and admire your talent!!xx

  2. I knew that you are great artist who knows how to draw animals very well. and you have a stye to draw them half real and half ...cartoon drawing? (i dont know how to say in english) but i tell you what gives me the exactly idea that you are an exellent artist... the way you solved the nostril ( i dont know too if this is the word... the hole of the nose) You drew a little espiral and that is all... excellent. And obvious, the whole body of the horse is very well... (another word i dont know...) In spanish we say: plantado...perhaps is "Stand up"?...
    Is this a pregnant animal?. and in this kiss i see love. :) Have a nice week end my friend!