18 januari 2017

IF talk

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  1. This improvised catalogue is absolutely amazing and your drawings are fantastic, Hedie! My eyes and soul are full with delight! I will come back here tomorrow to see all the details and to write more... You are incredible!!!xx
    P.S. I received your lovely card this evening, just when leaving for the Children's Opera, so it was with me during the performance.:) Thank you so much!

  2. Obviously, I love this Catalalk. I do not agree with our friend Rossicha that this is improvised. I think this is a series of works of art. Thought, with time. And done with the "random" that creativity needs.(Let's have an open mind, a work of art, in the 21st century it is not just a picture or a sculpture in a museum in France) You had an idea, and you developed that idea, and expressed it with your language. Being an artist does not mean selling or being famous.
    In this sense: who is more artist? Rembrandt or MirĂ³? Shakespeare or Artaud?
    I know that the word artist is a big word (I do not accept it myself) but ... What is a person who has an idea, creatively develops that idea, and expresses it with elements and materials that ordinary people use .. Or do not use for the same purpose?... Have a nice week Hedwig! I hope to see more of this talks!

  3. So... I want to tell something more... So many characters in different situations, I like that! You've re-created the variety of relationships in life, Hedie! I am sure we can recognize ourselves here and there... I like the use of elements in your collages that make the impact stronger!
    P.S. When I used "improvised", I meant made by yourself...:) Have a nice day!xx

  4. Thank you both for your feedback, as always so sincere and full of praise :)))) You two are so loyal and always find new words to comment on my work. It gives me motivation to go on!!! XXX