1 juni 2017

IF mind

The wounded soul doesn't mind
when festivity appears
the happiness of birds
... a song just hurts
the sun so kind
but how to stop the tears? 

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh,such an emotional collage... Hope there's no real reason for it, 'cause it really looks sad!
    I miss blogging badly! Hope to return to it soon... Hope you are fine, my dear friend!xx

  2. Found my way here after long time... Happy to see that you are still posting Hedwig. But what a sad work!

  3. Le dessin est parlant. Superbement exécuté.


  4. I think that if you hear the birds singing and you realize that life is beautiful, and you realize that you are a very very very lucky woman just because you got up today and you can see the sun...or the clouds too, why not?, there is not reason for tears. I see you put the woman in a place surrounded by life, birds, fish...and water...because water is life... Then.... happiness is on the air. There are not external reasons for sadness...and sadness coming from inside you (obvious, each time i said you is a general you) have to put aside and keep on walking into you beautiful life. Sorry... i wrote to many words :)