13 februari 2019


Behind the counter
sits the grandma
The rhythm of sounds
brings images
She sees her daughter
on the trotting horse
She feels the tension
before the jump
Through eyes closed
the infinite sadness
of the dancing bear
The smell of the popcorn
from grandpa's cart
The grandchild follows
in mom's footsteps
Directing three dogs to the beat
It doesn't know
about the adult world

Behind the counter (picturale.be)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Circus gave me always a sad feeling. i dont know why. Since i was young. Maybe the animals working like slaves, maybe the clowns, or all the people who works in a circus, with no home...travelling from here to there. I am not talking about great circus. I am talking about the poor circus going through litlle towns. The others are big shows. I dont like circus. But yes i like your illustration

    1. Hi Roberto, your feeling is exactly like the atmosphere in the poem. A poor family circus, hard work and no fun at all. I wanted to show the sadness... But the show must go on!