25 december 2012

IF Glow

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  1. I can see a glass of wine in hand of witchy woman!
    Ha Ha, that's fine!
    I went to see the site of your brother, and I guess the house that can be seen in a photograph is his house on the beach! amazing place!
    my wife's sister had a house in Punta Ballena, but for many years I'm not going.
    Do you visited the Casapueblo of Paez VilarĂ³????
    some day i must to go to Uruguay!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi dear amigo! There is a picture of my brother's house on the website. Go to RESOURCES and then choose GALLERY. It's the first photograph: the very blue house. Photo 12: the view from his house. It's not on the beach, but 5 minutes walk away.
      The place you name I haven't seen. And yes, I like a glass of wine. Salud!

  2. Happy New Year Hedwig!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'll go once again to see your brother's haouse!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))

  3. I love this fire thing. I am into fire dancers myself.