9 januari 2013

IF Edge (and still working on New)

An old drawing, but rather 'edgy'

********************************************************************************* NEW ****************************************************************************

                                                      Witchy woman wants a new look and tries different styles
                                                                                       to be continued

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, so much stuff! A terrific way to bring in the new year.

    I love those crazy kids (and cat) on the wall. They are full of joy! (And very cool tree, too). Your witchy woman outfits are terrific! Now you may have to do a paper doll so she can wear what she wants. I think my favorites are vagabond-ish and eccentric English lady. :)

  2. The witchy woman's character styles are charming! Cloudy and Vagabond are my favorites!

  3. Witchy Woman (Hedwig)
    I want to tell you that you have captivated me with your drawings!
    Really, you are so creative!
    your drawings are so funny!
    I can not imagine you, otherwise than as a happy and smiling woman :)))
    is a pleasure for me to see your art! :)))

    1. Well, wow, thank you! I'm not allways smiling, but your words certainly make me smile a veryveryvery BIG smile. Ear to ear grin!

  4. I'm in AWE!!! I came here several times just to look at your drawings!! I like very much all the styles, especially the Vagabondish and Mary Poppins ones, but the Weathery suggestions are gorgeous!!:) You are amazing!:)

    The "edgy" drawing is so sweet!

  5. Your drawings are lovely! They would look great in a children's book too. I love your picture for EDGE.

  6. Haha! I love your outfit experiments and the way your Witchy Woman models them! My favorite one is the Disney Wicked Step-mother one. Classic!