17 januari 2013

IF ocean

ocean, and the fear of the deep and the dark and the drowning

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Great!!!!!
    I'll tell you a thousand times that you are a great artist
    Very good job, are nearly frames of a cartoon, an animation!!!!!!!!
    is the best thing I saw this week on Illustration Friday, for me you are the artist of the week
    I vote for you, Hedwig!!!!!!!!

  2. I can feel the pressure of water, the lack of oxygen, the cold... I got a little bit worried about these guys, you know! But the fish tail was like a sun ray!:D Your watercolours are gorgeous, Hedwig! Like a manual in drawing (for me!) I like to come back here and to look at the details!!!
    I like the collage!;-)

  3. how are you WW?
    I cant believe!!!!!!!!
    Only two comments on this wonderful drawing???
    Are people blinded????????

    1. Dear Roberto, I'm still glowing with pride thanks to these only two comments. Rossichka and you... It really makes IF so much fun. You two are my public and my very special IF-friends. So, I'm completely happy with the two comments. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh my gosh, I hope there's no drowning! Surely there's no drowning! It's so cool how scrolling down it seems like we're following them down, but all the images are so different. I love how they're holding hands in some of them! Maybe the second one is my favorite because it looks like so much fun with friends! (I just refuse to believe there is any chance of drowning!) :)

  5. Oh, I feel honoured to be a special IF-friend of yours!:) Thanks! But I'm sure that your public is bigger, although silent...:)x

  6. I really love your drawing style - and I love how you've combined textures in these illustrations.