5 augustus 2015

IF grow

How big can love grow?


3 opmerkingen:

  1. Hedie, dear, this is one of my favourite stories! I like its essence, the "speed" with which the relationship develops, the different colours of the background showing change of time and place and, of course, your characters! Oh, and the tender clouds and the fence:D!
    I'm sending you hot, hot summer hugs!

  2. I do not want to fall into cliches, or say something obvious. but I will. I like this.
    I like the versatility with which you handle your characters.
    (I already said)
    And I like your ability to say, without words.
    And there is something I find very interesantem graphically. And it's how you use the space and the different sizes of your characters to indicate most important of one, or another character in the story. or depth on the planes.
    I would say that your characters act in an almost "abstract" scenario which gives no idea of perspective or depth plane. but you manage it very well to achieve it.

  3. Oh sorry i invented a word mixing english and spanish. interesantem?????? i really wanted to say interesting. :)