13 augustus 2015

IF pointy

soft and fluffy
but sometimes...
sharp and pointy!

please, forgive me
can we start again?

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I can identify with this bunny character.. Sweet and touching little story. Like the way you use cutouts. Looks so effortless but effective.

  2. It is this story like: The little bunny is angry with his friend the heart with wings, perhaps, the little bunny, gives a scolding to his friend ... or only is very severe and likes to give directions ...
    Then he repents because the heart is upset. Then both make peace
    I feel identified with both characters. This happens to me often.( too).
    Sometimes the heart does not necessarily have to be someone outside our body, can be our own heart. It's like getting angry with ourselves for making bad decisions or wrong attitudes.
    Great post! I congratulate you. I love how with few words and a simple drawing, you say a lot. Mastery... they call it where I come from.

  3. I like the change of colours - they speak of the bunny's temper in every moment of the story. I can see his heart is suffering, too... I can't stop admiring your way of depicting the characters' thoughts and moods through the body language! I agree with Roberto - you are are master, Hedie!!
    Warm hugs!!!