19 mei 2016


Can I borrow a kiss from you?
I promise to give it back


4 opmerkingen:

  1. This is very sweet. One gets the idea that the wolf is fierce. but you show it as a sensitive animal. We have a saying: An herbivore lion, meaning that someone (person or animal) may have the appearance of a lion, but it is actually harmless. it could also be an herbivore wolf. Why not a good wolf? I know that wolves are wild animals but those old stories like Little Red Riding Hood, have showed wolves as an icon of evil and aggression. Poor wolves, they need more kisses :) And i forgot the illustration!!!! Beautiful :)

  2. He-he, no one has obviously touched his heart before... This question is a good start for a new story about the Little Red Riding Hood... The sweet girl is heart melting, that's why the wolf is behaving against the rules of his family. I love your drawing, Hedie!!

  3. Pink heart make your heart sing... Sweet it the word for this illustration. World is good place.