19 mei 2016


Nostalgia wants to wander in the past...
Two children from long ago, old and gone.
My dad and his twin sister. 
If I look long enough I can touch them with my eyes,
but when I look too long they disappear in time again.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. The brown colour gives the feeling of looking at an old photo. I like the collage, although can't understand the words... But I associate them with a correspondence or an old diary...
    Hope as time goes by, you sleep better and breathe deeper, my friend!xx

    1. This is inspired by an old pic of my dad and his sister, from 1925 or so. The collage is made of old letters they wrote to each other. I sleep well! Thank you, XXX, Hedwig

  2. This is touching. Lova your college, little kitty too, and the writing... Child's hand....

  3. Love the mix of words and image... poetic.. congrats :)