23 februari 2012

illustration friday: fluid

Let's flow, get fluid

13 februari 2012

illustration friday: popularity

 It was all in the hat.                                                              
And in her noticing the gentle manners 
that came with it.
The popularity grew on him. 

Umpf, he murmured,
and he tip tango-ed happily away.

9 februari 2012

illustration friday: suspense2x

To feel the suspense you have to be Dutch, but I'll try to explain. When it's freezing, like the past two weeks, everybody in Holland gets the skating-itchAnd when it's really freezing cold everybody gets super excited because of the 'Elfstedentocht'(eleven cities tour). That's a race or a journey of 200 kilometers over frozen canals, rivers and lakes along 11 villages in Friesland. The thickness of the ice has to be 15 centimeters and the 'rayonhoofden', the heads of the eleven regions, have to measure the ice and decide: is it a go or not. So when the 'region heads' are in consult the suspense is killing.
walking on ice... there's allways the suspense... is it strong enough?

2 februari 2012

illustration friday: forward 2x

No more twirling. We have to fly forward!
When your friend is in an unstoppable hurry you have to hold on to go forward together.