25 januari 2018

IF number 5

5 trees make no forest
but for me it's the world.

Number 1 I call The Hand,
every morning he waves hi!

Number 2 is Fork,
he is two trees in one.

Number 3 is Thin and Tall,
reaching for the sky.

Number 4 is Mister Beauty,
stout and proud,
exactly as a tree should be. 

Number 5 is Sprout,
he is a specialty, 
my windowsilly baby tree.

13 januari 2018

IF guitar

When nightingale dad
put his children to bed
he plays the guitar
and makes a nice choir
with his friend, little star
they sing a lullaby
about sweet applepie
and flying sky high
there is romance and dance
but owl wants Silence!

9 januari 2018

Solo palabras - Just words

Farewell-bird is crying. 
'Farewell', he sobs.
'With that word 
I always bring tears. 
To say goodbye 
and break up, 
it gives a big knot of pain 
in your tummy.'

Never more-bird 
comes floating in.
'What I have to say, 
is worse: Never more. 
I never come back,
never again.'
He swallows
and says in a harsh voice: 
'Never more 
is a terrible thing. 
It’s like a lump that sticks 
in your throat.'

'The word Regret
is far worse',
shrieks Regret-bird. 
'When you regret something,
you wish you
had acted differently, 
but you can not
alter this anymore. 
Regrets bash and clash
inside your head.'

When darkness falls 
they hear someone 
sing a sad song. 
It is the Missing-bird. 
'To miss
is the worst word. 
When you miss, 
you don’t feel your tummy, 
your throat or your head. 
You don’t feel anything. 
Just emptiness.'

'Dear friends, 
your words are just words',
says Love-bird. 
'All that sadness 
is caused by me, 
by Love.  
Without love, 
it doesn’t hurt 
when someone leaves. 
You just say 'Bye bye'.
But if you love, 
then parting is painful.
In your tummy, 
in your throat 
and your head, 
but most of all 
there is pain in your heart.' 
story: Roberto MarĂ­n

Every ending 
is a new beginning
addition by Hedwig