25 april 2013

IF train 2

               We arrived at Paddington station! While the doggy's cuddled with their old friend...

...I gave a show for Sasa!

21 april 2013

IF train

                                                       Rossichka, here we come!

19 april 2013


               The drawing is too big for my scanner, but never mind, 'Let the wild rumpus start!'
click for a better view!

16 april 2013


A word about Wild

This was my inspiration:

This is the bedroom of Max:

In his imagination trees are growing from the bedpoles till he is in a big forest 
and free to go where ever he wants to. He sails to the island where the Wild Things are:

In my version I have my own cast: the doggies and my two friends Rob & Ros. 
Rob has  recently painted a toad, so his Wild Thing is toadlike. 
Ros made birds from textile, so she ride on a Wild Bird Thing. 

to be continued...

13 april 2013

wild by Ram

The witch gone wild by drinking too mucho of the vino, made by ROBERTO ALFREDO MARIN

3 april 2013


The most delicious egg, served with the best intentions. 
Recipe again for  http://www.theydrawandcook.com/recipes/breakfast-in-bed-by-hedwig-meischke
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