3 april 2013


The most delicious egg, served with the best intentions. 
Recipe again for  http://www.theydrawandcook.com/recipes/breakfast-in-bed-by-hedwig-meischke
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  1. Ha Ha, Oh! my friend, are you sure there are good intentions here?
    Break Fast ... Mmmmm .... (psychologically it must mean something)

    This week's word is egg
    Hedwig, do you like breakfast in bed?
    I like the fun egg holding a spoon
    on his face, I see one half moon :)))))

    1. Hmmm, I must admit that the intentions are questionable.
      Break fast, yes, you are a good observant and psychologist. It's a joke about myself. I'm rather clumsy and do break things fast.
      And no, I dont like breakfast in bed, far to complicated for a clumsy person.
      And that was just a leftover piece of paper on the egg's face. I'm glad you see a moon in it. Now it has purpose. Thank you!

    2. What a great morning scene! (White wine for breakfast...? :-P)

    3. ha ha, I figured as Sasa, Wine for breakfast???...
      but then I thought ... is orange juice. but it would be nice breakfast with white wine, especially in summer :)
      me neither like to have breakfast in bed (or eat) toast crumbs are too burdensome!!!!!!

    4. Well, yes, it's orange jus in the morning for us. Actually, I drink tea and tea and lots of tea, but I wanted something bright and sunny in the middle. Perhaps I poured it in the wrong glass...

  2. A crystal glass is always more romantic than a simple glass :))) although it spilled on the bed (this can also be romantic)

  3. Open your eyes,
    see the smiles,
    stretch a leg,
    eat the egg,

    drink the juice,
    feel the blues
    in your day...
    What a way

    to express
    sweet caress -
    with an early " break fast"!
    Hope it won't be the last!:)))

    I like the idea, the tenderness and cosiness in the drawing; the colours- the pink one speaks of romantic feelings!:-)

  4. Love the colors and the egg is so cute!

  5. Hey... I love this Hedwig!!You have a great approach to your Draw and Cook recipes...very inspiring. Can't wait to see the next one!!!

  6. Oh, nooooo, I thought no one would discover me!!!!!!!
    Today I read all the comments you left, and in one of them ... you brought my mask. Ja Ja. no problem, I hide just for fun
    ok. have a nice week end :)))

  7. I meant that you took away my mask :)

  8. Fredo is a good name for a toad
    in fact, my middle name is Alfredo

    you know, Roberto Alfredo M
    Alfredo, as in La Boheme

    Alfredo, like my father and my son...
    if I could know a little music
    with your poem, I would write a song!!!