25 juli 2013

IF-robot (and extra)

Pea patch warfare: 
If you want to eat cabbage, 
you have to kill. 
If you decide to kill, 
you have to go 
in robot mode. 
No looking them in the eye,
no thinking of fragile, fluttering butterflies,
but be a mean machine!
eat spinach 
and beets 
and spinach beet! 

Extra: baby Roboto (see: http://thepenmover.blogspot.com )

17 juli 2013


Ever since I was a little witch
I had this big big wish:
To have a horse, to hold,
to stroke and kiss,
to sniff his sweet warm fur.
To ride! To travel, world and wide.
In my dreams, both day and night,
on dewy paths, through summer waves 
and rusty leaves, to feel the icy breeze.
A horse to carry me and me alone,
to ride a horse and to feel free. 

3 juli 2013


it wasn't the sweet guard
he watched out
the danger came from within
as often
hidden in the heart