25 juli 2013

IF-robot (and extra)

Pea patch warfare: 
If you want to eat cabbage, 
you have to kill. 
If you decide to kill, 
you have to go 
in robot mode. 
No looking them in the eye,
no thinking of fragile, fluttering butterflies,
but be a mean machine!
eat spinach 
and beets 
and spinach beet! 

Extra: baby Roboto (see: http://thepenmover.blogspot.com )

19 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey, Jedgüig (your name, hispanicized)
    you surpass yourself continuously
    I love this!!!! :)
    maybe you should try eating the cabbage with all those bugs, I've seen that in Asia eat fried bugs :)
    Wonderful natural collage!

    Ehhhhh....Roboto, lately has little time to come to blogger, (never too little to not come to your blog, obviously)
    I really like your Roboto version, muchas gracias ♥!
    Good weekend for you and your horse and the bugs :)))!!

    1. So glad that you are still out there, somewhere, sometimes. Strange name I have in Spanish! XXWW

  2. love this! very creative!


  3. You surprise me again and again, Hedwig! Such a whimsical collage! The problem is that you are obviously not the only one who loves cabbage!:D
    Oh,,, I think I know this "extra Roboto"! I've met him somewhere in this Blog Land!:)))) I like his trousers and am wondering what is that key for?:))

    1. The key to the the key you can find on Rod's blog. Meet the parents!

    2. not the key of a chastity belt, right? (:0

    3. That I don't know, but it's not my guess:)On Rod's blog there are some speculations about an organ, but that's the one of your Robot-father. The key stands for mystery. I see a lot of key's in your work and they puzzle me. What's locked up? Must it be freed or is it dangerous and must it stay safely in the box or behind the bars?

  4. oh is it HIM? I love them both!
    x Stefanie

  5. Haha! I love this! I didn't read too closely at first then I looked at all the cute little caterpillars and thought oh no! She is capturing them! Then I read it and realized just what you meant about not looking at them. But you put a cute, sad face on the one in her hand. Aaaaah! Too bad you can't just provide them with some food they would like better than your peas!

  6. Your collage is wonderful! So much texture and expression. And your little Roboto is very very funny!!!

  7. I think its a key to unlock the chastity belt...Hahaha very funny Hedwig as usual..I see how the big tool and nuts and metal sheet was used in the construction process...its all clear!! For future readers here...please see a more specific link to my blog...that Hedwig is referring to : http://thepenmover.blogspot.com.es/2013/07/if-robot.html

  8. *about a night walk.
    Take a hike one of these nights, Hedwig!!!! you only seeks to have owls and other birds sleeping on the trees :) No humans around ;)))
    I do not know if I would have the courage to do so,
    yes, I swim often without swimsuit in the swimming pool on warm nights of January, there is nothing special, purely mental. I will try to hike next summer, (one night without mosquitoes) :Þ

  9. How is it possible that I have missed this???? Great post, makes me sad though, had no idea growing cabbages requires killing :-( Can you grow one cabbage just for the guests and move them there from elsewhere... Or... this is no a practical idea I guess?

  10. Thanks for your comment.
    no, no, superb is an adjective too important to some simple sketches.

  11. The moon and the fire fly...???????????????
    sorry, I did not understand :(

  12. when she saw the moon
    a poem came to her head
    fatigue is coming soon
    and she will fall into the bed.

    maybe because fatigue
    on that photo she saw the fire
    but I swear there's no one flame
    and I am not a liar :)

  13. A grey sky
    and declining moon
    but I am not a baboon
    maybe I am a fly...

    you know the fly bothers
    to smart women, no others
    and if you got some spray
    you know ...Raid
    you push with your finger
    and I will die!
    true or lie
    I'm not a spy
    Are you looking at the moon...
    on the sky...

    1. :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  14. Hi, Hedwig!
    Where are you now??????????????????????? I miss your drawings!
    Are you lost in the garden? between squash and eggplant?
    or sunbathing on a beach?!!!!!!!

    Thanks for your comment!
    No, summer is not here yet, but here the weather is crazy, this week it snowed and now the sun is warm as Spring, we went to the lake to have a picnic. Total madness!
    Deseo que tengas una bella semana!
    Beware of UV Rays :))))))))))