19 augustus 2013


Big dog trembling             
makes me strong,
gives me power
to stay calm
and to look 
the growling monster
in the eye.
Little dog is not frightened 
by a bit of bad weather.

22 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, what an illustration!!!!! please, gentlemen, come and see the great Artist Hedie!!!!!
    what movement, what rhythm!!!!!!!!
    lines and colors that transmit the vibration of the storm
    I love the face illuminated by the storm! really.
    Red hair is my weakness! ha ha (I have a daughter redhead)
    how well you draw WW!!!! :))))))))
    I think going back to see it several times!!!!

  2. So full of energy! I always love those dogs!

  3. Me - on the contrary! I came to see it several times, before writing... What to say? I'm in a big AWE! The threatening power of the storm, the pelting rain, the monster of fear... I have the feeling that this is happening right now and I can hear the thunders, too! I like the single line with which you made the shelter for your Big Dog. And while you are trying to look bravely in the eye of the danger, your calm hand, in a protecting gesture, speaks to me that this doesn't happen for the first time. And, oh, that look of the Big Dog - it makes me laugh!!! We have a special word for that expression, but in English it is just "guilty". Ours "гузен" means that you are ashamed when others realise that you haven't done something you were supposed/expected to do.
    It's a real pleasure, Hedie!!! Kisses!xxxxxxxxxx

  4. luckily I have been on better spot than this one without being threatened by adverse weather !! ( I am not such hero ;))

  5. Haha...Thats some storm.Those black things coming out of the sky hitting the ground remind me of bad weather perfectly. You are a brave witch Hedwig!

  6. This is wonderful! Although MY little dog at this very moment is trembling during a big thunderstorm :(

  7. I've had in my life thirteen dogs (including the one I have now) I have had several German shepherd, two Yorkshire, Labrador, Setter and other dogs (no known race) I mean I have had dogs of different sizes.
    Always, always, big dogs have been fearful.
    (Actually, I did not come to comment, I came to see your drawing again :))))))))) Ha Ha!!!
    Have a nice Friday!!!!

    1. 13!!! I had 3, but for a long time, because they all grew very old. Now I have a very nervous Belgian sheperd and a fearless mongrel from a rescue shelter in Spain. Thanks for popping in! A visit from you is always a pleasure. Till next time!

  8. nice drawing, very strong, love your ideas about this kind of weather! I love such weather only if I am inside.
    x Stefanie

  9. great expression! And I love that thick black rain hitting the water!

  10. Very fun illustration! My dog doesn't do so well with thunderstorms... Love the big drops. I really get a sense of them plummeting.

  11. What a strong storm, I can sense the power! I have missed your art and absolutely love this one: the expressions of the dogs, the pretty water rings, the scary lightning... XXX

  12. such a wonderful thing to express in your art
    and done so well
    i love the feeling of this piece

    i am also that way with people, if they have fear i must be strong for them

  13. Si je t'avais connue avant, j’aurais fait appel à toi pour illustrer mes contes pour enfants car tu as beaucoup de talent pour ce genre de chose.Bien amicalement.


  14. Hedwig, you, your husband, your children, the dog, me, the birds, ducks and whales and ... all live in chaos. chaos is not frightening :)
    I call chaos to the change. if everything is static, then there is no chaos, repetition in itself does not indicate order, because the repetition, in Nature it is rarely the same way, there is always a small, inperceptible change. you go to sleep every night, you wake up every morning, but in your life, has been repeated exactly one day? Only one day in your whole life? then....There is no order
    until tomorrow, Hedwig, dream orderly :))))

  15. I think Hedwig I hear your heart beating! Beautiful, powerful illustration!!

  16. OK, Hedwig, I like to be kind to a lady, so you're right. (a man should always be gentle with a woman, and this is not chaos) is a good order ;)))
    I wish you a beautiful late summer day ☺ ♪ ☼ :)))