27 februari 2014

IF Space


I had tea with the moon last night
She shone big, she shone bright
In awe I looked up and smiled
but I was not in her sight
A soft 'hello madam', I tried
but her face was blank and white
After a long while I sighed
and her eyes shimmered with slight
Look at me, Luna, I cried!
But her lips stayed shut tight

Space was lonely and quiet
till I felt the rays of daylight

20 februari 2014


words that travel far can get twisted

12 februari 2014

IF-Prewitchtoric 2x

Found in Hedwigland: unique cave paintings! Must see!


Once upon a prewitchtoric time...

6 februari 2014


Exotic? Give them a fez, said my mom. So I did. And then what happened? 
A tent appeared with a fortuneteller inside! Isn't that exotic?

And when work is done, it's time to feed the fish and to dance exotic dances!