12 februari 2014

IF-Prewitchtoric 2x

Found in Hedwigland: unique cave paintings! Must see!


Once upon a prewitchtoric time...

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  1. I have no words!!!! These characters are FANTASTIC!! And again your sweet sense of humour, Hedwig! I enjoy "exploring" the details and the materials and objects you have used! I'm going to sleep with a smile on my face!:DDDDxx

  2. Hey!!!!!!
    Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Perhaps the Prewitchtoric woman. is as the creator of all that is on earth, it's nice to believe that fun stuff,
    the world is too serious to be taken seriously.
    i love humor. a smile can move mountains, and there is nothing like being well with others!
    you draw well even with a stick in the sand! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, that is so fantastic! All your characters in the real world! I'm certain they are about to spring to life and go on another adventure. Terrific idea, executed brilliantly!

  4. These are magical creatures indeed. Amazing!

  5. Oh, how could I have missed the cave paintings?!! Where did you find them - in an old family photo album?? I'm not sure I understand what you had in mind, but my interpratation is that this is the story of how the Witchy Woman (and her adventure companions) were born - by artistry and magic... I like how the brushes turn in brooms!:DDD xx

    1. Rossi, you are the best! It's exactly what I ment.Thank you!!!!!!!

  6. Hey ! ! ! ! ! ! This is the Altawitchymira Cave in Hedwiland!
    Oh, I imagine these bearded men, covered with a fur of a saber tooth tiger (perhaps synthetic) with a torch in one hand, to break the darkness, and in the other hand (there was exist at that time a left-handed man like me?) a charcoal drawing these exquisite friezes, it is fortunate that the time has preserved for us to enjoy them.
    I wonder what mysterious meaning, would this pictorial-religious-cultural manifestation ?
    Suppose that dolphins had the same meaning that they have these days: protection, goodness, faithfulness, good luck. but, is strange to me, the weird red fish eating a little witch, almost a fairy. Obviously this is a sign of catastrophe, bad times, evil personified in that red fish . At the opposite point, two white animals (apparently Canidae, dogs or wolves) representing purity. preventing access to a black gate , representative of the uncertain fate, that the evil red fish means.
    Probably these cave men and women lived in a state between reality and fantasy, understandably, because at that time there were no computers, Ipod, cell phones, internet, notpads, ipad, and lots of things that do people, nowadays, have the feet on the ground ( metaphorically speaking )
    Congratulations Hedwig, thanks for sharing with us this wonderful scientific discovery!
    And have a beautiful Valentine´s day!!!!

  7. Oh, Oh, I'm a, little bit stupid, as a scientist I would have no future!
    recently I realize that by clicking on the image, I can see a lot more frieze painted into Hedwigland cave!
    oh, it is clear that here we are dealing with a kind of spell, some kind of magic that the prehistoric inhabitants of this cave known.
    we see a woman upside down, and her feet and her dress shaped like cat, (the two red feline ears are clearly visible)
    Cat red-Fish red, this must be studied, I think it's more evidence of the "magic thing". Little black witches... MMmmmm... could say, "little devils" meaning who knows what?
    Yes it is clear, that after all this magic ritual, a woman "priestess?" looks very happy. probably, this woman was a demigod who directed the destinies of these cave men. But, (always there is a but) You know I'm a little crazy scientist, so do not listen to my interpretive theory. It's a little crazy, do not believe? Ha Ha :)

    1. Haha, Roberto! Your brain must be steaming, seeing all those things and thinking up all that theory's! I must say you are the master of fantasy. Some day I show you the tricks of the Hedwig caves :))))

  8. Cave painting!! It clearly describes the birth of the witch and her companions. The beginning of a great saga... :-)

  9. Hey witch...these are too cool!!!! who needs a pen?

  10. Très drôle , plein d'humour et de vie. Bravo et merci, Hedwig.
    Je t'embrasse.