27 juni 2014


Some beards are pricky
Some beards are sticky
Some beards are white and grey

They harbour an ocean
that invites you to make a voyage
You encounter a storm and can get lost

But you are safed 
You find a deserted island
where you party in Hawaian skirts
You learn that it is best to go with the flow
because this beard is so soft
that you can float without end.

22 juni 2014


The midsummer shout,
the witch and wolf howl,
to celebrate life!

19 juni 2014

11 juni 2014


                                       My father had a twin sister. 
                                       She was nice and he was naughty. 
                                       He made a contraption to steal food from her plate!

5 juni 2014

No limits

Love has no limits
It can be felt close by

It can be felt over a distance

It can be felt for someone very small
or for someone very big
or for someone of another species

It goes beyond rich and poor
It goes beyond age and time