19 juni 2014


5 opmerkingen:

  1. Fantastic! Those sleeping dogs might be my favorite part. So fluffy and with their cute little feet! Beautiful design on the dress, too. It's maybe a little bit sad. Has she decided not to go to the ball? Or perhaps she is dreaming of colored lights and endless possibilities. (All of which include her dogs, of course!)

  2. What a strange image. I like the idea that the woman is looking beyond the illustration but we do not see what she is looking at. because it adds mystery and doubts, and questions, that your illustration suggests: Why? What does she look?
    We do not see her face, it adds more mystery and more questions: She's sad? is happy? is she crying?
    And why there are garlands in her bedroom?
    It is her bedroom? It is a dream?
    And I could go on with more and more questions.
    This is what I like to see in an illustration/art I like having doubts and mysteries that make this illustration continue being in my mind even still later I close your blog. Excellent!

  3. Love this, the first thing that caught my attention was the sleeping dogs, they are super cute!
    My interpretation was that she has just returned home from a party, has taken off the mask, is maybe a little bit sad but also relieved... But more I look at it, more possibilities come to my mind, brilliant!

  4. Oh, you look so lonesome!:( And tired... Maybe of being the Witchy Woman? As if the stars are not shining for you.... While probably the merry lights and the mask were there the whole day to help you play the role? I like your back, it speaks a lot - you don't want to disturb your sleeping, happy friends. Sad or happy - I love you so much!:)xx

    1. Thanks for your warm and loving words, my friend! Party's are fun but I always have to take a deep breath before diving in. Afterwards my ears still sing with the noise and I have to recollect myself. Sometimes I need a mask and sometimes I feel lonely in a crowd, sometimes I wish I was a dog and could just peacefully sleep. But don't worry, I do enjoy to party, it takes just a little energy to get in the mood. Love you too, dear Rossi!!!