22 juni 2014


The midsummer shout,
the witch and wolf howl,
to celebrate life!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey! beautiful! It is seems that summer, both, for you and for me is something that means shout :). Yes we had almost the same idea! (Obviously, your drawing is more beautiful than mine). Congratulations!
    I told on Sasa's blog that for me summer is the season of love, and maybe a happy shout is the best way to celebrate love!!! (also a kiss, haha!) (and life, as you say here)

    I think your idea of celebrating life with a shout its a very good idea!. with a shout full of happiness and energy of the summer night!
    I love your drawing, the three holding hands is very sweet!
    Poor white dog! I think he wants to scream as the largest dog, so that he might be heard!
    Good week, Hedwig!! :)
    And Happy Summer!!!!!!

  2. I want to be cellebrating coming of summer with this wolves too! Love your colours and idea. Congrats! :)

  3. I like the trio, hand in hand, in the warm, dark but friendly night, amongst the vegetables, that means that they share more than this moment - they share their lives!:))))

  4. Fantastic vibrant color! Everyone should get to let loose on a starry hilltop once in a while! The little white fellow is just too hilariously cute!

  5. Love the warm embrace of a summer night. This feels so crazy and wild and free... Yes, just like summer!