5 juni 2014

No limits

Love has no limits
It can be felt close by

It can be felt over a distance

It can be felt for someone very small
or for someone very big
or for someone of another species

It goes beyond rich and poor
It goes beyond age and time

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Thank you very much for playing, Hedwig.
    True, love has no limits.
    but not only about how much we can expand our love. short or long distance, different people. races, religions. I think, as you say in the last sentence, that love is unlimited in time, but we die, love remains. and if we have another life to live, love is there.
    And also, backward in time, we can love a person for many years before we know him/her. maybe love is more unlimited than time.
    Your artwork, as always, excellent. I really like the first illustration, in which we see a young love. I like the woman with the dog, you always draw very well the animals.The dancing woman and man, and children. (I think I like them all, ha ha)
    Thanks again and good weekend Hedwig!

  2. So many beautifully sweet images! I remember realizing at some point that two characters in an image are way more compelling because they form a relationship of one sort or another. Sometimes I forget! I should do more images with two instead of one. :)

  3. This is such a sweet and thoughtful series (my favorites are 5th and 6th...) And I love Roberto's interpretation: love is beyond time. So philosophical! Lots of love!!!

  4. Love has no limits and you prove it in such a touching way, Hedie! There's so much tenderness, excitement, intimacy in your drawings! I like the mood, the energy, the inner movement... Only a sensitive person, who has eyes for everything and knows what love is, can draw like this!

    Big hugs!!!xox

  5. Wat heb je de liefde in al zijn facetten ,mooi neergezet. Ik zou enigszins afbreuk aan je fraaie tekeningen doen als ik er over uit zou weiden.
    Magnifiek in één woord.