15 mei 2014

IF-voyage (for R&R)

To fullfill a dream I had to make a long long voyage.............
Take off in good spirts
Flying into the sunset
Is it day or night? So tired

We made it to the pink casita!

We leave again together with friend R

We arrive at the Black Sea! So lonely out there!

Me and the two R's, one of them still dreaming

But that was not the end: 
The fair maiden Rossi and Hedwig the witch 
kissed and kissed 
till Roberto The Bard was totally awake. 
And then they had a party and sang and danced 
till they didn't know anymore 
if the sun was rising or setting.

24 opmerkingen:

  1. Hedie, my dear, let me stop laughing, wipe my tears and calm down and I'll be back again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my dear friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe this. how you have worked on this!!! I agree with the beautiful Rossi. you must wait a moment until I can write something, this touched my heart, in a way that words dont want to come to my mind. just i love you dear friend, and I love Rossichka too, (husbands, you must know that if I was not married, and Rossichtka, and Hedwig, were not their wives, both, would be my wives, (suddenly I become a polygamous) ♥ :)

  3. I don’t know how to depict what I’m feeling! Maybe for the first time I’m sorry that I cannot write in Bulgarian…:D Such a great surprise, a precious gift, like a friend’s hug… You are amazing, Hedie! I’m trying to imagine how much time you have lived with this picture-collage story about The dream for three!!!
    I laughed in a loud voice in midnight, when most of the people around sleep. I called my husband and we laughed at each new drawing, appearing in such an amusing succession … All of them funny, with your sweet sense of humour!! There’re so many details, especially in the hands! No, no! Maybe I should write you a mail, to tell you what impressed me/us… Like the bird, wondering: “Hey, where are you going?”, the dancing smoke of Roberto’s house, your feet under the bench, the sunrise upon Roberto’s head, my hand caressing the white dog… I laughed to tears!! THANK YOU, my friend! Oh, how I wish this was true!!

  4. I think the previous comment of Rossichka, could be my comment, word by word, exactly!!!, but I would say "I'm sorry that can not write in Spanish..."

    But I do not want this comment is only written from the feelings (in fact it is)
    I do want to talk about Hedwig as an artist.
    Our friend, shows us here 8 illustrations and a lot of variety of techniques, all of it very well managed, with skill and ability,
    pencil, watercolor, ink , collage, have no secrets for you , Hedwig .
    Details as Rossi said, feet, hands, eyes of dogs, smiles, paper cutouts "by hand ", all of these illustrations tell me screams: "Look, Roberto this is very well done, this is a work done masterfully!!!!.
    And I will not stop saying: The sense of humor with which you draw, Hedwig, makes all this "little masterpiece" has an impression of sweetness, friendship, and so enjoyable to watch.

    One more thing: the original idea of this work, the development of that idea, and the subsequent realization of this idea. shows me that you are a person with a heart as big as the moon! :)
    Thank you very much, Hedwig!

  5. haha, so much fun! I recognized Roberto right away! haha, your drawings are just so good! And really a lot of fun. I also dream about meeting some of the nice people I met through blogging... I like the drawing with the sunset, that bright orange a lot! And the way the animals take care of you, so much love!

  6. Dear R's!
    The making of was so much fun. With every image I imagined the look on your faces and I was giggling in advance. You two are my biggest blogfans and you are very very special to me. You give me courage and joy in creating. You have become very important to me and I feel very close to you. Thank you for all your sweet words and your support! In my thoughts we sit on that bench. Love you! Hedwig

  7. My dear Hedie, I feel deep affection for you and Roberto and love you both, too!... I am not only happy, but also honoured to be a character in a story, written and illustrated by you! Thank you! Oh, if that green, peeling bench "in the middle of nowhere" only knew...:) I'm so thankful to my husband for the "stolen" photo - it has made us feel closer.;-)

    1. OK, I love you both, R and H, but... but... but... I wonder who will take care of me, when you two go there and leave me alone and asleep on that bench?
      I Imagine this: I wake up, there is no one around me... a Bulgarian farmer appears with a lot of sheeps, and I asked him (in Spanish) "Señor, dónde estoy? Dónde están mis amigas Rossi y Hedie?... Yo soy Roberto, El Bardo ..."
      The farmer does not understand anything, thinks I'm crazy, calls the police, they put me in a jail.
      And after many many years I die old and forgotten,
      and after many years, the locals will speak about "the mad screaming through the window of the prison, taken from the bars: "Hedwig, Rossichka, please do not leave me here... I'm roberto!!!!!!!"

    2. Oh, Roberto, you are still dreaming! It's a nightmare, wake up, my dear! Open your eyes and take a deeeep breath... We would never leave you alone! On the bench or elsewhere... Because we are friends and want to share every moment together...
      I suppose Hedie decided to draw you sleeping, only because of the time difference.:) I don't know about sheeps, but there're horses there. Please, don't take a ride without us... BTW, if it happens that you dream the same dream again, look to the sea- maybe we are there??:)

    3. Pero pero pero! Do you think I broom all the way to Cordoba to let you rot in prison???? Wake up! Must we shake you? Must we shout? How can we open the eyes of el Bardo??? I think I have an idea! Just wait.

    4. Oh. PFFFFFEEEUUUUU! I thought you could leave me alone on that bench, perhaps winter came, maybe snowing, maybe snow covered me and the kids played with me as if I were a snowman!
      It is a relief to know that you two will not let me. I also thought it might happen like in the movie Misery, a woman kidnap me and make me suffer! You would not allow it? I would rescue me..... Yes....No?....
      Ok Now I can breathe! Pfeeeewwwwwwww!!!!!

    5. And then the fair Rossi and Hedwig the witch woke Roberto from his nightmares.
      They danced and sang till sunrise.

    6. Yes! I like, I like!
      I like that you kiss me until I wake up!
      (I'm a heavy sleeper)
      You both will have to kiss me, many times until I open my eyes!

      And we'll make a party, yeah! you bring sweets, I bring some wine. and we dance and sing (each in your own language!!! will sound a little strange, but it will be the most beautiful song ever heard! :)♥
      (Thanks Hedie, again, your great good humor, and a good drawing. (I love my face of satisfaction and joy, when both give me kisses)

  8. What a nice and beautiful story, both the drawed one and the real one!!!

  9. Now I can sigh with relief - everything's O.K., no prison, no despair, no losing a friend... Hedie made the happy end sound realistic and convincing. And I like it!
    Aah, you naughty boy! So you pretend that you are still sleeping in order to receive more kisses?:) Well, well, then I think that it will be better if your wife and our husbands don't see the new drawings!:DDD
    I like the final one VERY much! It uplifts me and makes me dream - I can hear the song being sung in three languages (great idea!) and the sun is always there, with us - early in the morning and in the young summer evenings... Thank you, Hedie!! You made me smile again!!! Hugs for both of you!!!

    1. Rossichka, nothing more, the thought of having my cheeks full of kisses of two beautiful friends like you and Hedwig, can do, that I become a man eternally asleep. :)
      beyond the jokes, I really want, you two, know,that if I could have the opportunity in my life to make a wish, my wish it would be that the three of us meet at the bench, dance, sing and have a glass of wine, after making a toast to friendship, (I do not care if it's real or virtual) is friendship.
      PS: I showed to my wife this wonderful story by Hedwig, and we both laughed out loud! :)
      two little herats for my two friends!!! ♥♥

  10. Hi, hedwig, I will be the host at the next Drawing Challege, I would like to invite you to play.

  11. What a sweet story! I was wondering about 'R&R' first, thinking maybe it is the name of some drawing challenge. But when I saw the fifth image, I knew... :-)

  12. Hello, Sasa! My last post keeps the answer about how that Dream was born.:)

  13. oh my, these are wonderful! so much feeling and adventure. I love your art and expressions plus the body language. how fun to know a little of the characters as well!

  14. Aaaahahaha, I SO love that little story! :-)

  15. Like being swept away !! love this and so nice to find your blog! Roberto must be grinning ear to ear with this one!
    I love how expressive your work is and the different mediums we are transported through- it almost feel animated to me.
    Wonderful job!