24 april 2014

IF natural


some drawings I made in...
I think...
in 1990.
It's my son 
and his imaginary horse 


Natural horsemanship 
is about being a friend
and a trustworthy leader
never force the horse
never use power or violence
always be gentle and patient

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh! Excellent!
    You are a master with the ink! black and white is not easy, in fact I think it's more difficult than color!
    I agree with what you say completely.
    You know that the natives of the Pampas in my country, not tamed by mounting their horses until they calmed, (as did the Spanish and the gauchos here) Indians, caressing their horses, throughout the body of the animal, so for long time, until the animal finally was fully compliant. (Without violence, like the style of the cowboys and the gauchos)
    ok your drawing is wonderful, as always, I congratulate you dear friend! :)))

  2. Just perfect, Hedwig! I like the drawings, especially the last one - two souls, fond of each other! I don't need colour - the impact is stronger when in black and white... Have you drawn horses recently?
    Big hugs!xx

  3. This is so sweet, it almost breaks my heart, cannot agree more! The illustration below is full of love and trust between species. I want an imaginary horse friend too!

  4. Z mooi te zien hoe Hans en dat paardje van elkaar houden. Ze vertrouwen elkaar volkomen/ Het doet me denken aan het Engelse boekje wat ik van je leende: niet qua tekening maar wel wat betreft de liefde tussen The cowboy and the bear Prachtig lieve nicht

  5. Whoa whoa whoa! I LOVE THE HORSES! Holy cow. I mean, I love your dogs! Maybe one day a horse could visit your dogs. The gray horse and his boy is such a wonderfully sweet illustration.

  6. The drama and tenderness of your black and white drawings, are simply wonderful. An imaginary horse ... that sounds almost better than a real one ;)

  7. I LOVE this! Beautiful, fluid motion and wonderful tenderness. I absolutely adore pen and ink drawings. How wonderful that you can bring your son's imaginary friend to life. :)

  8. Lovely drawing and very sweet and true words.