2 april 2014

IF Sizzle


Tears for diner:
cook a meal
add some fresh tears
for a sizzling goodbye

12 opmerkingen:

  1. What happens WW?
    I want to see your smile! :)
    Roberto, the Bard, awoke from his drowsiness:

    Invite me to dinner
    you're doing something fried,
    and to tears, both say bye

    Faces south with a glass of wine
    I will look north
    and shout: Hey, why you're not mine!

    (referring to the glass of wine, obviously) HA HA! :)

    Smile, and the sun will shine up my country!!!
    Hedwig Have a nice day! Please!♥

    1. Hey Bard, you are sweet
      Come in, take a seat
      We eat something fried
      and we are alright
      We drink the wine
      and we will be fine
      we drink salty tequila
      and sing tra la la

    2. Oh,Hedwig, I'm an old Bard
      fried food makes me sick
      if I say no to your food
      you'll hit me with a stick

      Yes, I can drink a glass,
      tequila not, is very strong!.
      if you drink wine with me
      us together can sing a song

      and finally I will say
      we are in April now
      If I start walking today
      I will come to you in May.

    3. All right! All right!
      I cook something light
      a spinache quiche
      with feta cheese
      But to have a party
      there must be three
      First go to Bulgaria
      to the Ruse area
      take Rossichka by the hand
      and walk to Holland
      Then you must run
      till you hear the drum
      You will be just in time
      for diner and a glass of wine!

  2. oh! It matches exactly how I feel this week…. I love the expressions on the dog and cats face, sometimes this is just what it is… but I hope that you are alright!

    1. Thanks, Celine! I'm alright. I hope that you feel better too!

  3. Oh, no, NOOO! Please, don't be sad! Don't be desperate! Life is much more colourful!:)
    I like the dogs' expressions! Still it's so comforting to have someone close to your shoulder...

  4. Mooi! liefs van tantetje

  5. Wat een verdriet ouwetje

  6. Its HOT in your kitchen!!!!! Please don't put me in that cauldron!!

  7. Love the puzzled worried gaze of the doggies!