30 november 2014

four funny cards

Four funny cards, made of leftovers: scraps of papercuts and pimped up sketches.

Dream on

Be grateful

You carry me, I carry you

Leave a trail of love

26 november 2014


                                        Snails are slow, but the snails in my garden 
                                        let lettuce sprouts disappear very quickly!


                                             And now, let's do a slow turtle tango!

12 november 2014

IF- paper

Saterday morning we read the paper. Everything is chill, till... we notice a letter eater! Grrrrr

3 november 2014


When I walk with my nose in the air, pretending I am a queen, my dog threads calmly beside me. 
We operate as a team. Such a smooth walk gives me a triumphant feeling.

I think the sketch is better. Smoother!