26 november 2014


                                        Snails are slow, but the snails in my garden 
                                        let lettuce sprouts disappear very quickly!


                                             And now, let's do a slow turtle tango!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, my dear friend, you have troubles!... Snails are slow, yes, but nights are long! So many hours to eat tasty food, while you are dreaming sweet turtle dancing.:D The black colour of the snails show they are a serious menace for your garden, although they are smiling... As for the turtles, they seem to be in love!:) I would like to see more moments from their passionate tango!
    We have a turtle and I can assure you he can move pretty fast!!!
    Goooooooooood night!xox

  2. They eat my lettuce, too!!! But I really love them, so I let them have some ;) Love your turtle tango!!!!

  3. Again, the movement of bodies drawn with great skill and mastery! And I add: you know how to handle the different techniques and materials!
    Do you realize how you solved the shell turtles nothing more than a simple circle? And green color! and the spiral! This tells me something: you have a great creative freedom! Be always free to create and to show what you do!!!! people as us, your blog friends, needs to see good art! :)

  4. Oh my gosh, the turtle tango! Fantastic! The slugs look happy, but I am sorry they are eating your lettuce! :D

  5. Two very different images of slow, both very determined and focused - and magical. Yes, Rossichka is right, nights can be very very long....