25 december 2012

22 december 2012

6 december 2012

IF stretch

As I was sketching the champion of stretching... it started snowing. And so we ended up making snow angels.

and a little snow devil!

29 november 2012

catching up with illustration friday: haunt, sky, zoom, tree, whiskers

The haunted sky sent a sandy storm that swept away the trees.
But the young and strong stood sturdy, suddenly for everyone to see...
Look! It is the very rare and special Threesome tree!
Let's zoom in... What do you see?

The very rare and special Whisker Knitting Squirrel!

14 oktober 2012

illustration friday: water

                                              They floated on the water like butterflies on autumn leaves

Illustration friday: burstcrookedbookmirror

First there was the big burst.
Then everything got crooked.
I wove the crooked pieces into a straight story,
into a book with a happy ending.
Proudly they looked in the mirror. They were whole again. 

Big smile!

5 september 2012

illustration friday: identical

It started with two identical spots (an ink stain pressed between a piece of paper).
After a while they became two totally different underwater beings: 
a sea snail and a frolicy fish. But friends forever.

29 augustus 2012

illustration friday: tall

Tall was difficult. I thought about tall a lot and this is my conclusion: 
Tall cannot be alone. Tall exist only in comparison. 
Small is the best compagnion for tall, because otherwise a competition will start.
So here is my story about Tall.

21 augustus 2012

illustration friday: teacher

Nature teaches me my place in the universe

16 augustus 2012

illustration friday: freeze

Fight, flee or freeze... 
what will you do 
when danger comes?

8 augustus 2012

illustration friday: bounce

We walk the grass 
with bouncy feet 
we do not guess
the noise beneath
the earth quaking
little heads aching
baby slugs and isopods
rainworms, old centepedes
a million legs crawling
to deeper places

But now you know,
so please: tiptoe!

1 augustus 2012

illustration friday: lonely

Lonely = when the others go for a walk and you are too old

26 juli 2012

illustration friday: carry

carry death
carry life

19 juli 2012

illustration friday: lost 2x

Lost in daydreams (again)


And now: my ultimate childhood song
about being lost...

Little lamb, what are you wandering about? 
Alone in the moors, alone in the moors.
Why are you not with the herd?
Litte lamb, here are flowers nor grass,
not one drop of water for you to drink.
And oh, if only you were not so little...

11 juli 2012

illustration friday: suspend

When feeling sad
is suspended
above your head,
huddle and cuddle
your tears away

5 juli 2012

illustratron friday: refresh

Once a year on a soft sunny morning they take a bath in warmth and wind, with a touch of watery wetness. Not to much, just a tiny drop of sunray gelly under their skin is enough to feel refreshed.

28 juni 2012

illustration friday: space

Stand your ground, claim your space...
The only way I can achieve that is
by hiding

15 juni 2012

illustration friday: secret

     Silently they were looking through the secret of the night

illustration friday: shiny

She feels so good in her shiny new boots, but they
just don't understand

7 juni 2012

illustration friday: hurry

-What are we waiting for?   
-For the beets to sprout.
-Stt, don't scare them.
-What are they waiting for?

-They are growing.
-You don't know that. 
-Perhaps it's to cold. 
-Or to warm. 
-To dry or to wet. 
-Perhaps they are dead. 
-They'll come. 
-Or not. 
-Beetseeds, hurry up!
-Grow! Show!
-Sst, I think I hear something...

15 mei 2012

illustration friday: kernel

the kernel of cosyness is a cat
in your lap
for the mouse
a hot cup of tea and a cookie
is exactly enough

25 april 2012

illustration friday: heights

The statues in the pond
are looking up in wonder. 
What's happening in the heights 
above their quiet garden? 
They dont know it's us! 
Testing an artwork called 
The Sky is The Limit.

13 april 2012

illustration friday: vocal

Don't be puzzled, I'm just late with my vocals. Sorry. This is the story of my father as a little boy and the destructive influence of a teacher on his vocal carreer. One day when he was singing out loud, she barked at him: You are growling, my friend! From that moment on he stopped singing, till... he married my mother. Every morning he wakened her with a cuppa tea and a song, false as an old pyjama. Those are the words: Tea is coming, tea is coming, tea is there! 

5 april 2012

illustration friday: return

After a period of distraction, family business, big cities, and lots of inspiration I return to my sketchbook. Yes!

23 februari 2012

illustration friday: fluid

Let's flow, get fluid

13 februari 2012

illustration friday: popularity

 It was all in the hat.                                                              
And in her noticing the gentle manners 
that came with it.
The popularity grew on him. 

Umpf, he murmured,
and he tip tango-ed happily away.

9 februari 2012

illustration friday: suspense2x

To feel the suspense you have to be Dutch, but I'll try to explain. When it's freezing, like the past two weeks, everybody in Holland gets the skating-itchAnd when it's really freezing cold everybody gets super excited because of the 'Elfstedentocht'(eleven cities tour). That's a race or a journey of 200 kilometers over frozen canals, rivers and lakes along 11 villages in Friesland. The thickness of the ice has to be 15 centimeters and the 'rayonhoofden', the heads of the eleven regions, have to measure the ice and decide: is it a go or not. So when the 'region heads' are in consult the suspense is killing.
walking on ice... there's allways the suspense... is it strong enough?

2 februari 2012

illustration friday: forward 2x

No more twirling. We have to fly forward!
When your friend is in an unstoppable hurry you have to hold on to go forward together.

26 januari 2012

illustration friday: twirl

These twirly birds are not real birds, but the main characters in my IF-illustrations: two doggies and myself. Today we are transformed to birds,
sort of, because we like twirling so much!


19 januari 2012

illustration friday: prepare

Awakening but not yet really awakened, a passage between sleep and consciousness, the night slipping away and morning arriving, everything still as an early bird. Slowly you start realising it's a new day and you take a deep breath. You are prepared thanks to that moment of calmness in time.