12 september 2012

illustration friday: imagination2x

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  1. Is there a place for me on the ground, please? I can see a butterfly up there and an astonished lady below...
    I like this drawing sooooooo much!:)

  2. Oh so dreamy! I love this as much as I love starring at the clouds and imagining!!

  3. Hi Hedwig. how are you?
    Your artwork is great, those moments when we are lying face up on a green meadow imagining shapes in the clouds, for many years I have not. but your picture brought my memory :)))))))))))
    those were kids games that would be nice to relive :)
    I love your drawing and color you use is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love this work... For me it's the perfect meaning of IMAGINATION. Well done!!!

  5. Love they seeing images in clouds... very nice illo.. congrats. :)

  6. To go to the movie is one of the best things friends could do together. A Cloud Movie? What a great idea! New and new characters, no words, just the birds' singing and the wind's music... Lay down and watch, till the night falls...:)))

  7. Beautiful illustrations.
    I love to play this game too:)

  8. I love them! Two very distinct styles. So much fun to lie in the grass with fluffy friends and watch the sky. Great perspective too!

  9. Hey, Hedwig, I came to thank you for your comments, and wish you good weekend and I see that you added an illustration!
    I love it!!!
    I really like your characters. I always see them as characters with great joy!!!! :)))))))))))
    good weekend near your family!

  10. Hello Hedwig!
    Thank you for your comment!
    Actually it is not about a good or bad drawing. It is the idea, the message and the feelings that you evoke.
    And if i judge from the comments here, you got it! Keep it up!

  11. I think dogs see everything as things to lick, get food from, or chase. Very cute! :)