14 oktober 2012

Illustration friday: burstcrookedbookmirror

First there was the big burst.
Then everything got crooked.
I wove the crooked pieces into a straight story,
into a book with a happy ending.
Proudly they looked in the mirror. They were whole again. 

Big smile!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Dear Hedwig, this is GREAT - the idea and the way you told the story, using drawings and papercuts!! You have a very sweet sense of humour, though!:) I like how you "sewed" the heroes...
    Have a lovely new week!!!!!

  2. Hi My friend!!! this is amazing!!!!
    worth the wait for a new post yours.
    Congratulations, funny and very well drawn!!!!!!!!!

  3. The mirror image is really cool. Love the big smile :)