19 juli 2019

3 juli 2019

Final project (la propia voz)

I have done a class to find my own voice, my essence, my style: La propia voz, given by Javier Zabala, a great maestro in illustration. This is my final piece for the catalogue. In the older posts you can see more of the work and exercises I did.

This class was an intense journey. Sometimes I was on a roll, sometimes I was lost. All the other voices around me made me feel very different, and insecure. In the last week something happened. Somebody found me. It was Edu. I had posted a sketch/plan for my final project and he said this:
This image (sketch below) is very you, I imagine, very matriarchal and with presence, that looks forward, without fear or artifices, dreamlike, elegant, strong but child at the same time, like an empress disguised playing at life, tender and mature.
Good luck... and never stop expressing yourself, you radiate a lot of energy, strength and vitality, although as we say in Spain, the procession goes inside.

And yes, I went inside and this was what I learned: My voice was there all the time from the beginning, but I had to learn to trust it and to be proud of it. For my final project I made this ‘Portrait of a Lady’. She represents all those things that Edu named. I can not wish for a better voice and I feel very happy with it. Gracias, Edu!!! Gracias, Javier!!!

Javier said: It's absolutely normal to loose your self in a course like this. In fact it's designed just to you get lost, to move the pavement under your feet... This way you can look for your real voice, from your inside. So don't worry about it. Then, working with other people, other sensibilities, it makes even the most veteran professional tremble, I've seen it in many artist residencies. Just normal. The good thing here is that finally you are able to be yourself with courage.
I'm quite surprised hearing you say that you were insecure. Just because a woman who can do certain images I have seen from you should be happy, just very happy.
Listen this: I've never had seen in my life such an style like yours here. I think you have a sense of colour very rare and you should take this into account. You're a privileged artist just for that.
Your voice is powerful as the colour contrast you paint. It is concept, synthetic, composition, rhythm, sense of humour... and it's absolutely unique!
Ok. That's all. I'm very proud of you!

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