19 december 2013

IF-spirit 2x

I am getting the christmas spirit
and designing the christmas card. 
This is an old one as you can see. 
That year a good old dog 
and a very good and very old cat 
passed away, 
but their spirits still roam the sky!

And now for some real christmas spirit!

8 december 2013

IF-Pattern (but first tail, shadow and refrain)

The same old song...
Do you see a pattern?

14 november 2013


It takes a lot of energy to take off!

7 november 2013


In my secret life


31 oktober 2013

IF creature

This poor little creature is the stray dog that bonded with my son Bob. 
He is from Punto del Diablo, Uruguay.
He has a crooked leg
and his name is Che!

23 oktober 2013

IF entangled 2x


is not
to be trusted!
She is like a siren.
She lures you in

and entangles you
in her hair.
She's specially keen on wolves,
likes a lobo for breakfast!


We were young and so entangled

17 oktober 2013


There's no moustache like a witch's moustache!

kings and queens

In 2013 the Kingdom of the Netherlands exists 200 years. In this drawing/collage I put the 7 royal kids, that are and have been our kings and queens, together on the back of the Dutch Lion, a heraldic symbol. 
Their names: Willem I, Willem II, Willem III, Wilhelmina, Juliana, Beatrix and Willem Alexander.

and some variations:

10 oktober 2013

IF-under water

Huh? Who's that guy under water with MY BALL?

26 september 2013

16 september 2013


This totem pole stands on Pioneer Square, Seattle and in november I can greet him again. 
Hey Sis, here I come!

6 september 2013

IF- hidden (by darkness and by jungle and lush)

In my hidden house
I'm never alone
Whether it's winter dark
or cold like ice
It's crowded and warm

  In my hidden house
  I'm never alone
  In my private jungle
  hiding in lush 
  Just for a day
  Or two
  Then I say


Welcome, dear friends!

19 augustus 2013


Big dog trembling             
makes me strong,
gives me power
to stay calm
and to look 
the growling monster
in the eye.
Little dog is not frightened 
by a bit of bad weather.

25 juli 2013

IF-robot (and extra)

Pea patch warfare: 
If you want to eat cabbage, 
you have to kill. 
If you decide to kill, 
you have to go 
in robot mode. 
No looking them in the eye,
no thinking of fragile, fluttering butterflies,
but be a mean machine!
eat spinach 
and beets 
and spinach beet! 

Extra: baby Roboto (see: http://thepenmover.blogspot.com )

17 juli 2013


Ever since I was a little witch
I had this big big wish:
To have a horse, to hold,
to stroke and kiss,
to sniff his sweet warm fur.
To ride! To travel, world and wide.
In my dreams, both day and night,
on dewy paths, through summer waves 
and rusty leaves, to feel the icy breeze.
A horse to carry me and me alone,
to ride a horse and to feel free. 

3 juli 2013


it wasn't the sweet guard
he watched out
the danger came from within
as often
hidden in the heart

22 juni 2013

a late IF-sweet

"Nibble nibble like a mouse,
who is eating from my house?"
This is a scene from a famous Grimm story
about a badbad witch,
who lures children into her house of candy...

20 juni 2013


If my friend Roy had worn his mosquito hat, he would have had a nice, non-itchy sunday!

12 juni 2013

answer to Rod

                                                   Hi Rod thepenmover.blogspot.com!

31 mei 2013


When the Minnaloushe moon
shines through the window
of my bedroom
the cats say hello!
And soon
the tension rises.
They say miow miow!
let's catch some mice!

8 mei 2013

IF tribute

                                                 tribute to Penelope!

25 april 2013

IF train 2

               We arrived at Paddington station! While the doggy's cuddled with their old friend...

...I gave a show for Sasa!

21 april 2013

IF train

                                                       Rossichka, here we come!

19 april 2013


               The drawing is too big for my scanner, but never mind, 'Let the wild rumpus start!'
click for a better view!

16 april 2013


A word about Wild

This was my inspiration:

This is the bedroom of Max:

In his imagination trees are growing from the bedpoles till he is in a big forest 
and free to go where ever he wants to. He sails to the island where the Wild Things are:

In my version I have my own cast: the doggies and my two friends Rob & Ros. 
Rob has  recently painted a toad, so his Wild Thing is toadlike. 
Ros made birds from textile, so she ride on a Wild Bird Thing. 

to be continued...