23 oktober 2013

IF entangled 2x


is not
to be trusted!
She is like a siren.
She lures you in

and entangles you
in her hair.
She's specially keen on wolves,
likes a lobo for breakfast!


We were young and so entangled

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey Hey Hey, why "we were young?" I am no longer young (in the literal sense of the word) but I usually still be entangled as in a beautiful picture, and I hope to continue for much longer :))
    (later, will return my friend the Bard (now are calling for lunch, forgiveness, not only of love live the man) ;))

  2. And the Bard is here
    watch out, he's a wolf (not a deer!!!!)

    The wolf is not afraid of moustachio-witch
    Nor, to the siren songs
    with a little of their bite
    witch will not last for long.
    Lobo, as breakfast?
    is not a bad idea to to start the day
    but it's hard to chew
    and maybe tastes like clay :))
    he will be happy to be devoured,
    anyway!! :)

  3. Hahaha!
    You are right,
    my bite
    and wolvish appetite
    are gone!
    You won :))

  4. Ik ga voor de tweede tekening! (en ik beschouw me nog steeds "young" !! ;) )

  5. OK. Now I come as a fan. excellent work. as always, every time I see your art, reaffirms in me, my belief that you're a great artist. creative woman, who knows very well how to do her job, and very, very good sense of humor! :)))))))))))))

  6. These two images are excellent...I can't say more!

  7. You are full of surprises! I see the works of another Hedwig here - "serious" and mighty, with such a strong impact... Do you ever stop drawing?:)

    1. I was surprised myself! I was very insecure about 'Entangled 2', didnt know if it was suitable for the blog. The word evoked the image of people embracing and that got stuck in my head. When I started drawing this came 'flowing' out. It felt very authentic, so I said to myself: Go, show it! But it feels very naked! ;)

    2. I'm a "shy girl", but I can't deny it's realy good, there's a feeling in it!:)

    3. Thank you so much! Big kiss for you! :)))

  8. Lovely sensual work! You are a witch Hedwig, you 'entangle' us with your images.