10 oktober 2013

IF-under water

Huh? Who's that guy under water with MY BALL?

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  1. Hi, Hedie! I have the feeling that you have drawn this for some minutes! The drawnig is breathing, pulsing... I like the verve/vigour? (don't know the suitable word!) that has led your hand. If this was a cartoon, the reflection could have its own life... Oh, those white teeth!:D They promise a fight, if needed ... xx

    1. Hi my friend, you are right. I did it in 5 minutes or so. I'm not satisfied at all, but I had this idea and I wanted to post, so this is it for this week. Thanks for seeing positive things!

    2. OK, ladies, not having been made ​​quickly is a failed job, or something.
      By contrast, the ease, the verve / vigor, and all that Rossichka says (I agree with you Rossichka) (and I add, the "conceptual idea" say, the intellectual work) confirm the great skill, talent and mastery of Hedwig, for thus only can be achieved this good work. In other words, in minutes, without these skills, a person "X" only achieved a mediocre drawing, and this picture is light years away from being mediocre.
      bye ladies! I love you both so much ♥

  2. This reminds me of the funny underwater dog photos I saw on Google images last week! I like the mixed media aspect!

  3. Hi, WW, my header are only viñetas (vignettes?) that I was doing these days for a children's magazine, I wanted to renew my blog a bit, but I have no time, BUAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (onomatopoeia for crying) :´(

  4. Ha, I love this one, its really great!
    Barbara Bee