17 oktober 2013

kings and queens

In 2013 the Kingdom of the Netherlands exists 200 years. In this drawing/collage I put the 7 royal kids, that are and have been our kings and queens, together on the back of the Dutch Lion, a heraldic symbol. 
Their names: Willem I, Willem II, Willem III, Wilhelmina, Juliana, Beatrix and Willem Alexander.

and some variations:

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I like them all! as always, I like all your drawings! but (I have my favorites)
    May I make a mix? Yes? ... thanks:
    I would mix the lion 4 with children 3

    Long Life to Holland!
    (Sorry, I do not know if one thing is Netherlands, and another thing, is Holland) pardon my ignorance.
    Long life to Netherlands! and its citizens!! :)))) ♥

    1. The first one is the one to be published in a magazine. I chose for the photo heads, because otherwise nobody will recognise them. That is in Holland,or The Netherlands, it's the same. The lion is inspired on the heraldic lion. It's a weird animal with a big tongue and often no teeth. And allways en profil. I prefer nr 2 but that one is to sketchy for a magazine. XXX

    2. Oh yeah I noticed that the faces must be recognizable, obviously, but I like most of you drawing :)
      and thank you very much for teaching something new to this donkey :)) Oink!! (oh, no maybe this is onomatopeya from pig!!)

  2. I like all the versions, especially the last lion! I adore the way you draw human bodies, Hedwig! Pure and simple lines, "in one breath" drawn, everything seems so easy!
    I'm glad to learn there're people who appreciate highly your talent!:)
    Have a fantastic Sunday!xx

  3. Actually, if you are interested, I like most the third version, but the forth lion...:D

  4. Number 1 is my favorite. I like the number 4 lion too but maybe it is not that 'heraldic'.

  5. Thank you all for commenting on this. I was really insecure about it. Nr 1 is the one I send to the magazine. My favourite is nr 2, but it's to sketchy to be published. It was nerve breaking to make something in assignment, but also a very valuable experience. XXX