26 juli 2012

illustration friday: carry

carry death
carry life

19 juli 2012

illustration friday: lost 2x

Lost in daydreams (again)


And now: my ultimate childhood song
about being lost...

Little lamb, what are you wandering about? 
Alone in the moors, alone in the moors.
Why are you not with the herd?
Litte lamb, here are flowers nor grass,
not one drop of water for you to drink.
And oh, if only you were not so little...

11 juli 2012

illustration friday: suspend

When feeling sad
is suspended
above your head,
huddle and cuddle
your tears away

5 juli 2012

illustratron friday: refresh

Once a year on a soft sunny morning they take a bath in warmth and wind, with a touch of watery wetness. Not to much, just a tiny drop of sunray gelly under their skin is enough to feel refreshed.