30 januari 2013


My friends and I living so far apart, me Hedwig, Rossichka and Berto the Bard
so I made us wings, or at least some things to fly, so we can meet in the sky.

24 januari 2013

IF- Myth

the birth of a myth

17 januari 2013

IF ocean

ocean, and the fear of the deep and the dark and the drowning

10 januari 2013

new / old

Inventing a new look, that is funnier, more special, original and modern... 
well uhmm, it didn't work. It just wasn't there. 
So I said to myself: Put on your glasses and go back to work!

9 januari 2013

IF Edge (and still working on New)

An old drawing, but rather 'edgy'

********************************************************************************* NEW ****************************************************************************

                                                      Witchy woman wants a new look and tries different styles
                                                                                       to be continued