30 januari 2013


My friends and I living so far apart, me Hedwig, Rossichka and Berto the Bard
so I made us wings, or at least some things to fly, so we can meet in the sky.

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  1. Dearest Hedwig,
    I'm in awe! Merry like a child! This lovely, funny, wonderful, amazing drawing is made with such an affection! THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!
    May I print it and hang it somewhere in my home?:)))
    Oh, I can't believe my eyes!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you, thank you! I'm happy that I made you happy. It's an honor to hang in your house. That's the best place, because you were my inspiration. I'll send you the drawing in a bigger resolution by wetransfer.

  2. I can see that poetry gave you wings!!! Berto is clearly there and now i know how Rossichka looks like too. I love the flight paths, the sun, the clouds,... This image really has motion, excitement and feeling of adventure!

    1. Hi! You can see me and learn what's my "connection" with Africa from this post - http://rossichka.blogspot.com/2013/01/vii-my-african-journal-part-vii.html

    2. Yes, everyone, warm yourself to Rossichka's pictures. They are radiating with colors, children and creativity.

    3. Oh, you are so sweet, Hedwig, thank you! I have more pictures to share! For example - the flowers I saw... (By the way, did you see those I've already posted?)

  3. Love this one Hedwig ... lovely colours and so happy and cheerful!

  4. Dear Hedwig, your drawing is so sweet and cheerful! I haven't printed it yet, but I have put it on the desktop of my laptop (hmmm, here's a rhyme!). I like that you see me like a night butterfly, because evening (and night) is my time of the day. According to their working capacity and energy, people are "owls" and "larks" - you know that, don't you?
    Hmm, hmm, I'm just wondering where we are going to meet?:D Any proposals?

    Have a lovely day!!!

    1. So you are an owl alias night butterfly. When you work on your laptop in the evening and you have a dull moment, you can look at us. I know that puts a smile on your face and that's so fantastic to imagine! I'm also more of an owl, definitely no lark.
      Perhaps the next IF word is: poets and dreamers holidayresort, but if it's not, this is the place we go: Fly east of the sun, west of the moon. Above the Atlantic look for the tower of clouds, ther you go left till you see a string of friendly fluffy clouds. Follow that string till you come at an open space of sparkling bluer than blue. Hold still, wait for the first sunray and you see us.

    2. I will!!!!..What a miraculous adventure!!! .But still, could you mark the way with star powder, please?:)

    3. Oh yes, of course, starpowder for the butterfly of the night.

  5. Oh what happy fun! I know this great dilemma. I have friends scattered all over the world. Years may pass between the times we meet but this time never seems to matter... and we always pick up from where left behind. I am though looking forward to when tele-porting is accessible to all!! Love your illustration!

    1. Hi! This is an option! I hope tele-porting will become something normal, before getting too old...:D

  6. Wow, it's so grand and full of adventure! You made such wonderful use of the map with these terrific characters!

  7. Dear Hedwig,
    May I put this picture-gift on my blog's home page? I want more people to see it!...It brings such a nice mood!;-D

    1. Oh, yes, please do! I'm proud that you like it that much!!!XXX

  8. Great drawing full of magic and creativity, I like it a lot!!

  9. Hey, here I am!
    I spent two days in bed with a stomach ache,
    ...was poisoning
    perhaps a sauce, perhaps a cake!
    and I was wondering
    what do I ate?
    and other else...
    what they are doing? (the girls)

    This is wonderful (like all your drawings)
    we fly with our heart
    do not need wings.

    The world is small
    when the idea is to love us all.
    I would like Sasa and Claire
    were also there,
    they are very good friends
    from here to the end!!!!

    I will return here
    for now I'm just saying:
    Hedwig, thanks a lot
    you're like a beautiful thought!

    1. Thanks! I missed you, Roberto. Sorry to hear you were ill, but glad that you are back in business!

    2. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

    3. I was worrying about you like Hedwig!
      You haven't lost your poetic talent, while being ill, and that's a good news, Roberto! I like your poem!:)


      We can rhyme again together,
      no matter the day, the weather,
      no matter the big distance,
      without any assistance.
      We have our imagination,
      we have a strong motivation -
      our hearts, full of affection.
      We have wings - pure perfection!:)

  10. OK OK OK I will not try to rhyme
    I want you, WW, explain to me, please, how has done to draw me so well. I can not believe!!!! it's me
    and amazingly I have two cartoon characters, who wear yellow with a red cape How did you know, WW?

    Rossichka with her ​​red hair, is wonderful and the plane-fish, totally cool!!! you're fooling us all, my dear friend H. you're a famous cartoonist, and in this blog you do not say. tell the truth! :DDD
    PS: what happens Rossichka? I notice some hesitation in the choice of your avatar? :)))

    1. Ah it's just my very special WW-magic. And I'm only famous in your company and that's great and very good for my self esteem.
      I like the new paper figures in your avatar, Rossichka. They look like a very content couple! Your poem is our story in a nutshell: Imagination brings us all together.
      Sleep well, sweet night owl.
      And you BtB, on the other half of the world: have a nice warm summer evening! Asado and wine etc.

    2. Well, thanks - I slept well, but not enough. I hope to get more sleep in the next couple of nights and recover!:))
      What about the paper figures... Maybe you don't know, but I used to post lots of paper cuttings before. I somehow lost the inertia during the last year, after my favourite and special scissors disappeared!!
      Here is one "Love story"...


      See you, Hedwig!:-)

    3. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

    4. I fall in love with this drawing! Every time I see it, I smile widely!:)))) Did I say that I feel flattered to be a character in such a beautiful drawing? Besides with a red hair - I really like it. Maybe I should try this colour?:D
      Roberto, I changed the avatar, because we don't have a real winter here and my snowy footstep is not "actual" any more. I chose this happy paper couple, because of February - the month of love...:)

  11. I like how you brought many elements together to tell your story! Very appealing.

  12. I would like to fly with your friends. thanks for flying onto my blog and finding me! i love your drawings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. wonderful whimsy - such a happy vibe & eye catching image

  14. my dear friend Hedwig, I never felt better in my life!!!!! Not worry!!!. sometimes my way of showing something that happened in my life, gives me reason to make a drawing exaggerated about what actually happened
    for example, the beam in the ear, is because that night the sound of a strong lightning woke me overnight and I heard the rain falling all night, ha ha, do not you worry. the pill I take every day, is just a small digestive problem, ha ha.
    Thank you very much for your concern!
    It is true that I spent two days in bed, because something I ate, but luckily happened!
    About mail, mmmmmm .. Sometimes it works, sometimes not
    OK. kisses, hugs. Good Wednesday to you! :)))))♥