6 februari 2013

IF wheel

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  1. I'll tell you something, WW. I looked one by one, all your drawings with a big smile on my face
    because that's what your drawings produced in me. and good good good humor and that's good for me (and for all)
    besides beautifully drawn, and have fun are very sweet
    tell me one thing. did not you study drawing ever in your life? I can not believe it, I can not believe it, I can not believe it.
    tell me something else, you really have these two dogs?

    Well, I love, your illustrations
    I guess if you also take some remedy, always drawing is better, right?
    have a beautiful Thursday, fantastic artist friend! :)))))))))))

    1. I'm so proud that my drawings make you smile!!!! Since you asked, I'll tell you a little about myself. I have studied art, got my artschool-degree at 22. I did some illustration work, but my dream: to make childrens books, did never happen, and for a long time I was really disappointed. Now I'm 56 and in a rather quiet time of my life. I found IF and started to draw again, and I love it! The dogs are really my dogs and they keep me very busy, specially the big shepard guy. Every day I begin with biking just like you see in the first picture. I struggle to be the 'leader' and learn a lot about myself. And... I have allways a subject to draw. And yes, drawing is the perfect remedy!

    2. AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Woman, why did you dont start from that point????? now everything is clear. could not be otherwise, your drawings are very good!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks IF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you must love your dogs it seems so, by the way you draw them!!!!!!!! I love your face in the third drawing haha!!! and the little dog driving!!!!!!!!! Ja Ja superfunny!!!

    3. Oh, I came back, I forgot this: 56?
      which means 56?
      two numbers!!!!!!!!!
      Bah, age is not important!!!
      every day when we wake up, we just have to thank for the previous day, and get our best explorer costume, and begin the new day ready for the Great Adventure, the Great Adventure are all those projects we have to do, and 56 is the right age to make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. These are gorgeous illustrations...each one full of story. I very much like the first one but I think my favourite is the last one...a night time adventure for the three friends. They look a little scared but have each other!

  3. These are gorgeous again. You are clearly in no lack of ideas... BTW, I really really love pointy-eared dogs (we used to have a Carelian Bear Dog) so these guys make me very happy.

    1. I googled your dog. What an impressive breed! Pointed ears are great, they look so smart and attentive. I also like long hair, and big fur. My big dog is a Belgian Shepard-boy and the little white one is a mix from the animal shelter, a yapper-girl. My boys are grown up, and now I have these two...

    2. And with my boys I ment my sons. :) Sons out, dogs in.

  4. Dear Hedwig,
    Can you give me your e-mail address, please? I cannot send you a letter!:(

  5. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  6. Sorry, I made mistakes, while tapping...:(

    Hi again! I'm smiling, too, just like Roberto! You are not only a wonderful artist, you are a psychologist, Hedwig! I have the feeling that the dogs are breathing... I like to explore how their mood changes in the different drawings. For example, the tiny white paws on the weel speak so much!!!

    Your fan forever!!!! xx


    P.S. If I was a publisher, I would contact you immediately with a proposal for illustrating a book!!! Have you tried to send some of these drawings to different publishing-houses??:)

    1. Rossi, you are a girl of details! You see everything! The little jokes I put in there. The tiny white one doesn't have big confidence in me and tries to take over. Or to help?

  7. I really do not know why sometimes my characters are sitting with their feet in the water. when I was in Indonesia, I was impressed to see that there are some pools in which one sits (as I draw in my ilustrations) with your feet in the water, and small fish come to eat the dead skin that you have in feet, is a strong image that I like, maybe that's why on my drawing often there is a woman sitting. but could have a psychological sense, which I do not know, I hope that if so, this is not bad, it does not indicate that I am potentially a serial murderer (:O , for example :)))))))))

  8. Simply wonderful...there is an amazing sense of movement to your illustrations
    beautiful thoughts and lines/strokes!!

  9. Hi. My friend!!!
    Listen please:
    I think the sense of what I wrote is as follows:
    Sometimes I think that, forgive me, is more important than to say I love you
    because you did not ask for forgiveness to the person about whom you have no interest, or who does not love, ok?
    then, when a woman hears that a person ask for forgiveness, she knows she has kept into her heart the love that person. as if her heart was a small box.
    (all this, poetically speaking, ok? :)))))))))
    byeeeeeeee ♫♫♫

  10. you're right, you have the wisdom of someone who has grown... but, get old?
    Who said old?
    Someone got old here?
    Ha Ha I'm sending a kiss to a girl in Holland!
    good week for you and a small little bone for the dogs :))))

  11. LOVE the energy! And the first one of the car illos *really* had me smiling - so much life in your illos! Wonderful :)