21 februari 2013

IF wool

I thought about wool
and being a sheep
warm and cosy,
but then in the summer 
the wool is hot, 
and the sheep needs 
to be shaved. So...

I thought about shaving and what a time consuming business it is

I want a nice furry pelt that's good winter and summer! so I knitted my dog a nice woolen sweater 
and I took his beautiful coat
but that scared my little one

so back to the shave...

11 opmerkingen:

  1. you're so creative! these are wonderful pieces in themselves and the combination is just cute :-)

  2. Let's see ...
    the way you draw is excellent, the bodies of your characters are
    well built, are fun, you move your characters masterfully
    You tell the story so that one feel trapped, to know the rest
    and furthermore...
    that woman that you've drawn, shaving her legs is very sexy!!!!!! indeed,
    and it is not easy to make a woman drawn with this style of drawing looks sexy, because they always look like a cartoon, but you did it!!! :))
    this post is one of the best I've seen from you so far.
    I congratulate you from my heart, and I thank you for having you as a friend because, see your art glad my day :)))

  3. Haha! What a wonderful collection of storytelling illustrations! My favorites are all the many positions of the shaving woman. So great and funny!

  4. This is such an unexpected and original interpretation of the theme!:D You made me laugh with your drawings, Hedwig! You lighted up this intimate woman's "activity" in the attempts to look beautiful - more beautiful - most beautiful...:) I like your sense of humour and the easiness with which you draw human's body. I had the feeling that I was looking through the lock...:0

  5. Ahhaha! These are sooo delightful and funny and I love your line quality!

  6. Hi, Girl!
    Uh ... no, I did not draw a man's face on the sweater, really been coincidence, stains also have their own life :)
    (mostly in watercolor, in which water flows to where she wants)

    Eh ... you wonder why the cat is being strangled?
    I do not know, really, I do not hate cats. just happened so, spontaneously.
    Have a nice Sunday, my friend
    and I congratulate you again for this wonderful post that you showed us

  7. Eh, WW. You had no reason to know that my header was a photo taken through this bottle. ha ha, you're not slow, at all!!!!!

    I write now, because I love to sleep while it's snowing, and I hate that wake me in a cold night, haha​​, and you told me it was snowing, so I did not want to wake you yesterday!!!! :))
    good week for you and your dogs!!!!!

  8. LOL, well, that was unexpected! :D great expression in the drawings!

  9. ha, this is so great, I like it!
    I love the theme and your drawings are very good, so on point and full of movement. As if you just let them flow out of your mind and hand.
    x Stefanie

  10. Hi
    Now I have check out your drawings.
    They are very funny and lovely;)
    /Katarina Art Of Annie