13 februari 2013

IF storm

              sometimes, when sleep is supposed to be, night storms in my head

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  1. Wow Hedvig, strong images again, I especially like the middle one. Happy to see that at least the dogs sleep peacefully...

  2. Yes I know this very well - internal storms!

  3. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  4. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

    1. Yes... two friends there, and two friends here!

    2. Hmm, hmmm, it must be very stressfull! But you are happy to have two "neutralizers" - two innocent souls, full of pure love, ready to defend you even in your dreams, giving you security and warmth!
      I like most the last drawing - there's a "battle" of colours and conditions...

      When you are afraid you may have a nightmare,
      just close eyes and sleep,for you have two friends there!...

      P.S.Sorry, Hedwig, I deleted the comment and wrote it again, because I found mistakes - I'm not in a mood this evening...:((((

    3. I'm not a good sleeper and some nights... it's not worries, but thoughts, plans, poems, story's, letters, fantastic inventions circle around in my head.
      And you don't worry about mistakes! It's difficult to express yourself in a language that's not your own.

  5. Hey!!!!!!
    Wait, wait, wait!!!! let me react!!!
    I love this, Witchy Woman!!
    I looked carefully, one by one, the three illustrations, trying to decide which I like better, but still could not know
    I like all three.
    You draw very well, eh, and were shy to show it, right?
    I could only say that the third illustration is sweeter, but perhaps has more concept than the other two.
    Congratulations dear friend artist!

    Oh Rossichka!!!!! makes me think some verses...

    Dear Hedwig, do not be shy
    while, at the fire, you put some logs
    shows us more drawings
    with you and your dogs :)))

    1. I look at the flames
      playing hot in the fire.
      And I think: If trains
      can go higher
      than the clouds in the sky...
      I can stop being shy!

    2. Hi, my friends, if we continue to write in rhymes, we could soon need a publisher for our first book - "Blog-friendship Poems":!:0)xx

    3. OK. trains can go higher
      I know very well,
      I saw them!!!
      indeed, they are there

      And you can forget your shyness
      because Rossi's idea has brightness

      the book will have illustrations
      even I have to make mention.

      you and me can do the drawings
      (listening to the old Sgt Pepper)
      And Rossi, make beautiful creations
      with her ​​lovely scissors and paper!!!!!

      Have a nice weekend you two girls!!!!!:))))

  6. Eh...Witchy Girl! Thanks for your comment, you are very kind!
    the picture you see on my blog's header is a pic I took last year in the province of Salta, in my country, and the iron structure is where a train runs, is a train known as "Train to the Clouds "is a train that currently makes the trip almost exclusively to tourists, reaching an altitude of 4220 meters above sea level.
    look at this:

  7. Oh. my friend with the broom.
    I'll tell you that I loved your poetry, and I will say that the Bard, sometimes is a little liar
    (note the explanation that I left on the blog of Rossichka, about what I wrote and draw on my last post (lighthouse) please)
    The Bard is a liar because often, what he writes, he does not say as his own experience, he takes someone's personality, and then write, not being himself, you understand, I guess the same will happen to composers of songs, not everything that they tells is their own experience, haha :DDD
    Have a nice and creative week!:)))))))))

  8. I love these!! Sooo dreamy and full of wild imagination. I especially love the blues of the first but also love how the dream gets wilder with each illustration. Great interpretation of the theme!!

  9. Very creative take on 'Storm' - beautifully illustrated! Thank you for your kind words about my sheep, too!

  10. Oh this is so true. My mind feels exactly like that at times! I love the interpretation you've made of 'Storm' and I really love the sense of movement you capture in all your characters.