14 november 2013


It takes a lot of energy to take off!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Great perspective Witchy and definite take-off strain showing on the face!!

  2. I love seeing the detail of every thing that you leave behind (below) I love the fall chair :)
    I need not to say that I love your drawing!!!!!!
    And if you need a little bit of extra energy, you know, just call. and I send you tons! :)))))))))))))
    Do not you have forgotten your notebook, and a pencil, right? ;)

  3. Is that you taking off to go to work? Love the expression on the face! :-D

  4. Wow, that's just terrific! I love the perspective (and I wish I was better at it!) She seems so determined! And I just love the small crowd of onlookers below.

  5. This is an energetic image. Love the whirls!

  6. ARRRFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!! (this is almost a bite) The wolf :)

  7. I like your world! So much love you've left behind! The best thing ever is to have someone waiting for you, thinking of you and missing you, while you are away for a long time!
    How are you going there, Hedie? Hope you enjoy your stay!:)))xxx

  8. Hi, Hed.
    no, what you see under the tool is not a small spoon,
    do you know what that is?
    is a "bombilla" for drinking mate,
    Do not you saw it here in Argentina? :)
    Eh....time flies right?
    I imagined you, in the New World, but I saw that you're back, between your dogs and vegetables.