7 november 2013


In my secret life


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  1. Now its not a secret any more...you want to be a hot dancing babe!!! :) Good work as usual!

  2. But we know, we know your secret life!:) You've invited us in it with open arms long time ago! Oh, how I love that little witch: with fire in her heart and wind in her hair; vigorous, playful, amicable!
    You are the "dancing queen"!:)
    I like the contrasting colours and moods. And, oh, those hands, so graceful!
    Hedwig, I love that dance!:)))xxx

  3. I was just thinking of dancing recently! All the dancing images are so joyful and carefree! Lovely red contrasting with the quiet figure, too.

  4. Deze is echt geweldig! die dansende heksjes en dat stille meisje, echt heel mooi! misschien zouden we vaker onze gedachten en wensen moeten uitleven, let's dance!!!!! I would dance with you right now!

  5. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

    1. Me, when I'm old: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10200710117088244&set=vb.1021022489&type=2&theater

    2. maybe we've all got a dancing witch inside of us - but you've seven! ;) Love the fiery red and their moves!
      This actually reminds me that I haven't danced in a while ... maybe I should go and find me some music ...

  6. Hi, Hedwig!!!
    I love, You in your drawing, your character of yourself, (I mean, or I made a mess?) I'm talking about You, Hedwig; not of you WW.
    I love those pants (''70s) I had some jeans like these, were called elephant foot.
    I thought these jeans with wide legs, had no one but George Harrison and me (small fantasy of mine)
    I love the movement in you, as a witch
    your red is unique, looks like glazes. Unique!
    Do you realized that the space occupied by your secret life is greater than your real life?
    (leave me a little place there, please ;)
    I loved it!
    Ah. I think I'll have to give a second chance to Leonard, the first time I did not like, this is improving. improving :) :)))

  7. one more thing: I pin this drawing in my folder illustrations on Pinterest... may I? I already did :)

  8. Ta vie secrète est flamboyante, habitée,inspirée et si bien accompagnée par la voix sublime de Léonard Cohen.
    Belle destinée que la tienne.


  9. Lovely rhythm to the dance above and nice overall contrast.