19 april 2013


               The drawing is too big for my scanner, but never mind, 'Let the wild rumpus start!'
click for a better view!

9 opmerkingen:

  1. I love it! I think it's great. Echt heel leuk gedaan, laat me denken aan Where the wild things are... Ik vind vooral het plezier zo leuk dat er vanaf straalt!

  2. Fantastic! I just love all those critters! Beautiful, fun details and it really looks like a wild rumpus!

  3. OK I can only say Thank you very much!!!!!
    because this is the funniest scene in which no one drew me
    I think that I have not more praise for you
    Good artist, good sense of humor, creative, and if this were not enough, very good friend.
    Hedwig, recently I see this, and my smile is from one ear to the other ear (as we say here)
    you rejoiced my afternoon
    I wish you a beautiful weekend!
    Master of the pencil!
    (Rossichka and you are drawn excellently) (me too, obviously)

    1. With this blog I learnt something that I allready knew, but never had taken serious: I flourish when it gets personal! It triggers my creativity to think of your faces when checking out my blog. I'm giggling inside and can't wait to post. But that only works with people that are on the same level, of humor, imagination, I don't know exactly of what, but there has to be this connection, this spark. You and Rossitsa are giving me that and I'm grateful that you let me play. XXX

    2. Hedwig, you, Rossichka and me, "pegamos onda" in my country says so when you have ... How to translate? "pegar onda" (the literal translation would be "paste vibration" (it is a popular expression, is a contemporary slang), is something like, you feel so well with the other that you want to share what you do, the other inspires you, and all is well, and creates a friendship.
      Continues playing, friend :))))

  4. You are so hardworking Hedwig! I like this one even more than 'Wild 1'. Would love the see the whole spread.

  5. My sweet friend, I don't know how I deserved it, but I feel absolutely privileged to be a character in your amazing drawings! I can't believe my eyes, when I look at them - as if this is me, but in another reality. A "possible me". To swing on a tree branch?? Maybe it's not late to try...:DDD These sweet moments give me some kind of energy and courage, that I still can't determine. But the feeling is gorgeous - of joy and some inner-freedom, a warm wave of friendship... I'm so glad I am together with Roberto and you in your cast! I like that harmony... Thank you!!!xxx

  6. You are so good with words! That's it: energy and courage. Normally I'm not so bold, but with you I get a sort of childish freedom and just want to play. I'm so happy you like it too.

  7. Oh this is FANTASTIC!!! One of my favourite favourite books in all the world. I can see you and is that Roberto?! And all your animal friends!