17 juli 2013


Ever since I was a little witch
I had this big big wish:
To have a horse, to hold,
to stroke and kiss,
to sniff his sweet warm fur.
To ride! To travel, world and wide.
In my dreams, both day and night,
on dewy paths, through summer waves 
and rusty leaves, to feel the icy breeze.
A horse to carry me and me alone,
to ride a horse and to feel free. 

17 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful gestural style horse! So lovely how the figure matches the horses shape. Love the poem too!

  2. Alleen iemand die paarden heeft kan zulke mooie tekeningen maken!

  3. hello
    i enjoyed your words
    and most certainly your ink drawings ~

  4. Wow and Yes! That feeling is kept so wonderful in your drawing. I had that same wish for a very long time....to bad I have no horse;-( I stare a little bit more at your picture!

  5. I am speechless! Incredible, breathtaking drawings... So much love and fondness radiate from them! The black and white makes the impact stronger. You are a queen of recreating movements - so light, so natural... I hope this is the beginning of a horse series...
    Wonderful, Hedwig!! Has your dream come true?? xx

    1. Thank you! And yes, my wish is fulfilled: I have an Icelandic horse, called Brim. We do not really travel very far, but we do ride through the country side. He came to me as a foal and is now 21 years old, so we are grown 'old' together. He is my friend :)

    2. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

    3. Oh, how very nice! This experience has made you richer in many ways, I suppose. Here people ride horses only in the countryside, in the villages and mainly in the mountains. But I rode once together with a young man - just for some minutes and I remember the feeling...
      Please, do draw again Brim and you!!!xxx

  6. Ah, the wish of many a girl! This is beautiful. Love the sweeping brush strokes!

  7. Charming line ! <3 Wish you(little witch) fulfil.

  8. Hey, sorry, I'm not very close to blogger these days. but I have a second to walk around here.
    Hedwig, your drawing is very good!!!!!!
    And ... I imagine you as an Amazon running on your horse for the Dutch countryside!!
    (although I could also imagine you as Lady Godiva ;)))))
    good week for you!!!!!. and some alfalfa to Brim :)))

  9. Nice brush work! Who wouldn't love a horse like that...

  10. Nice brushwork witch...I knew you'd be good with a brush(broom)!

  11. Il y a quelque chose d'oriental dans ton coup de pinceau, ce qui rend tes croquis très vivants.
    C'est très beau.